How to Think Clearly through the fog

1. The Tyranny of Liberalism, James Kalb, 9

(why contemporary liberalism is actually illiberal and non-neutral in promoting the values of hedonism and narcissism i.e. human desire and human wants determine law and policy)

2. What’s Wrong with Liberalism, Ryszard Legutko

(why liberals are boring thinkers and how liberals try to sneak-dominate thought by determining what are permissible and non-permissible arguments, in the name of a spurious liberal ‘neutrality’)

3. Hard Truths about the Culture War , Robert H Bork

(how radical egalitarianism and radical liberalism join hands (though mutually conflicting) to advance the humanist agenda through operating in distinct fields. Egalitarianism requires state intervention; liberalism requires state non-intervention. Go figure).

4. A Christian Manifesto, Dr Francis A Schaeffer

(how relativism has infected and spawned an ‘evolutionary’ theory of law, as opposed to one based on objective absolutes. Relativism is itself an absolutist proposition (there are no absolutes). If so, is law just politics (subjective wills)?

5. A world split apart, Alexander Solzhenitsyn

(famous commencement address at Harvard, showing the moral decline of the West)

6. The Intolerance of Tolerance, D.A. Carson (transcript)

7. The Illusion of Moral Neutrality, J Budziszewski

8. What’s wrong with human rights, James Kalb


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